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Das Keyboard, ultimate silent

Nice. Very nice.

It's solid, doesn't move around on the desk, the keys feel clear without any jarring click, and I find that I type with so little force that the keys hardly touch bottom. Quite clearly the best keyboard I've ever had (I even like it bettter than my custom-made ones).

The only drawback is the cable, which is inflexible, rather thick and which tends to conflict with the papers I usually keep between the keyboard and the monitors. I would have been happier if I could have plugged the cable into the left side of the keyboard.

The version I have is called Ultimate EU Silent (note the shape of the return key). Although the model name includes the word silent, typing is quite audible.

Update: Yes, I bought it from Getdigital and yes, I can recommend the shop. Get a keycap puller along with the keyboard.

Update: After about three years I had worn out the F nubbin and at the end of the fourth, J too was smooth. Happily, WASD Keyboards sells replacement keycaps. I see WASD also makes a keyboard with completely custom keys and better cable routing than my Das... hm...


On being snarky

A public service announcement: Upon learning that Dave Cridland describes as a snark broadcast facility and claims to use it that way, too, I have decided that when I cannot repress my snarkiness, letting it out at is acceptable.

Maybe even good. rant.g/rant has helped me regain calmness more than once.

Arak Al-Zumot, Brun and Brun Quinquennis

I recently purchased a few bottles of arak from the duty-free shop at Dubai airport. They had Al-Zumot, Golden Eagle, Al-Massaya and two varieties of Brun. (more…)


IMAP, aox, 3G

A little bit of 3G first: A 3G connection is in one of several modes, ranging from PCH (which uses hardly any power and can't transfer payload data) to DCH (which uses much power and is used for bulk transfers).

The way Archiveopteryx handles IMAP, POP and SMTP is very battery-friendly. (more…)

Bless SMTP pipelining

I am sitting in Madikeri, Karnataka, India, a nice small town in the middle of picturesque forests and hills. Regrettably, the beauty of the scenery is not matched by the quality of the area's GPRS coverage. (more…)