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Tokyo Martini

There are several drinks by this name around the web. The others are poor imitations, please disregard.

You'll need a green tea bitter: Vodka in which some green tea leaves have been steeped for a while. I prefer darjeeling leaves for a day, perhaps even briefer.

Make as a very dry martini with a few drops of the green tea bitter, and a thin slice of ginger. Enjoy.

I'm not sure which martini variant I like better, the Webster F. Street layaway plan or this? Try both.


Arak Al-Bustan

It is the last day of August. Tomorrow I start working, bright and early, but tonight I am still on vacation, if unpacking suitcases counts as vacation, and so I have tasted my latest bottle of arak, a variety called Al-Bustan, formerly perhaps made in Oman? There's a place called Al-Bustan there, I bought the bottle in the Muscat airport, and I haven't seen it on sale anywhere else. Formerly is formerly though, today it's made in Jordan, by the same distillery that also makes my favourite arak, Al-Zumot.

I'm glad I bought it.

Al-Bustan is nice, with a round, food-friendly taste. It's not great in the way Al-Massaya is, it just tastes of a happy occasion with good food. Oddly enough I liked it better pure than with water and ice.


A cognac apéritif

Yesterday at this time I couldn't remember either name or recipe of the apéritif I wanted to make, I only remembered I got it from some cognac promotion site many years ago. Today I remember everything (and the site still exists), but it's a little late now.

Its name is Hold-up, and it is prepared thusly: Two parts cognac (VS, nothing fancy), one part triple sec, one part lemon juice, one part sugar syrup. Mix, leave to stand for a few hours, pour over ice cubes and serve.


Webster F. Street layaway plan

A fine cocktail, supposedly F. Scott Fitzgerald's favourite, and key to a fine scene in Sweet Thursday. Such a shame that it's mostly forgotten nowadays. (more…)


Arak Al-Zumot, Brun and Brun Quinquennis

I recently purchased a few bottles of arak from the duty-free shop at Dubai airport. They had Al-Zumot, Golden Eagle, Al-Massaya and two varieties of Brun. (more…)