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I'm sitting in my office, pondering whether my location is best described as an office, an office, an office or perhaps (overwhelmingly correct) an office. I think I like room. Simple words are so… unruffling.


Javadoc is built in to Java, but I think they botched it. It's clear that they didn't care deeply: JLS3 grammar doesn't mention javadoc at all, and the JLS doesn't specify it, hardly even mentions it… the word stepchild sounds more appropriate than does builtin, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

There are many things I don't like about the result, and few things I do like.

There's too much typing for not enough benefit. (more…)


Switching to OpenSSL

Archiveopteryx uses OpenSSL by default starting with version 3.1.3. Sadly, it runs noticeably better than with Cryptlib.

Compatibility with other TLS stacks is clearly better. (more…)

... the fact that ...

A sentence: Amazon, a big Net Neutrality advocate has come around to acknowledge the fact that it is reasonable for broadband service providers to sell premium service to broadband subscribers or content providers.

A question: Does the fact that ever mean anything other than in my opinion?