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I enable IPv4. Temporarily at least.

It really is too late to retreat from IPv6. The problems need to be solved, not deferred, because the set of free IPv4 addresses is smaller than ever and shrinking faster than ever.

But right now I'm not willing to be a guinea pig.


Archiveopteryx bug diversity

I still do not understand why Archiveopteryx runs stably in some places and crashes every few hours or days in others.

It's just just a question of platform-specific bugs. We've seen it too many times: A bug hits some people, not others, for reasons I do not understand even after fixing the bug. As a result, some people see aox working really well, others really badly, and I have no way to explain why this is so, and see no pattern I could use to improve testing or avoid these bugs.

It's very frustrating.


Udoc into clang

One of udoc's problems is that its error messages arrive towards the end of the build process. Often, when fifteen executables are being built, I wait for the interesting one to be finished and immediately switch to testing it. Later on udoc delivers some useful error messages, but I'm not looking any more. (more…)


Probing for IPv6 support in the browser

If you can read this sentence, you have IPv6 support, either directly or via a web proxy. (Update: no, I added IPv4 access to the blog.) (more…)

Today's not my birthday

That's good, because posting this on my birthday would be a little boorish.