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Once upon a time, Norwegian residents could apply for a personal domain by sending email to the hostmaster. I did so.

Times have changed, registrars and proper procedures now complexicate such things. Still, those who have domains can keep them, and at some point registering new domains should become be possible, too. (Update: It now is possible, at least for Norwegian residents.)

I like mine and use it, even though explaining that my email address contains two dots can be tiresome. Besides, after a decade abroad, one does grow attached to .no.


Brevity in programming

For the last couple of months I've been using a program written in one of the fashionably brief languages, Ruby. I've had to read the source on more than one occasion.

On one hand, the source is very brief. It does get a lot done with very few lines of code. (more…)


Writing worthless documentation with zero effort

Those lucky enough to use Visual Studio need not work hard to document their code: Ghostdoc does it all automatically. No mental effort required. (more…)


Oxca KVM over IP

Oxca makes a range of KVM products, including one to provide remote KVM access via TCP/IP. The latter uses a java applet and runs in the browser, and isn't very fine at all. (more…)