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The exception proves the rule

No it doesn't. Used well, the exception shows the rule. Smoking is permitted in the ground-floor foyer. Used more typically, it's just another vacuous rhetorical device that may or may not fool the reader.


Telly Terminate

The Telly Terminate is a small keyring gadget to turn TVs off. It appears to have sold well during the recent sports event.

Pro: It turns TVs off. (more…)



Some fonts have already been updated to include ẞ, including the ones I generally use (on ubuntu 10.04). Lovely.


My desk is tidy

Stronger: I have two desks, and both are now reasonably tidy.

I've had a tidy desk before, such as when I moved to a new office in 1998, but this time no force majeure is involved. I tidied my desks, and kept at it until I was done. Three days.

I congratulate myself. My mother would, too, if I were to tell her.