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More on the Samsung SCX-4828FN

I've had the 4828 for half a year, and have had several bad experiences.

I have crashed the printer twice. Once by printing the guice guide using chromium and once by printing a book-length ΤΕΧ (dvips) document, mostly text with some tables and figures.

The copier is really, really bad at copying grey-on-white or green-on-white text. Much worse than my old HP 3035 was.

Using scan-to-email (the only way to scan in my linux-based setup) is cumbersome enough that I've put off billing because it required scanning receipts. That's a disaster for me. Billing is critical.

All told, I think there's a new printer in my near future, perhaps an HP M2727nf. Billing is critical.

Update: I bought a Brother 8880. How do I get rid of the Samsung?


Indian election machines

Earlier this year Hari K. Prasad and others got hold of an Indian election machine and proved beyond doubt that they can be manipulated. I wrote a long, angry blog post, which I forgot to post. Now I post it, edited to be a less angry and with an added link.

Indian election machines don't suck. They're a great design for Indian elections. The attacks on them (bad seals, etc) also worked against the previous paper-based system. (more…)


Family life, the programmer's way

Now that we have two children, the daily routine has grown even worse. So we've adopted cross-paradigm best practice to manage and control complex projects, on-budget and on-time, improving parent/child satisfaction matrices.

We've adopted scrum. (more…)