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Webster F. Street layaway plan

A fine cocktail, supposedly F. Scott Fitzgerald's favourite, and key to a fine scene in Sweet Thursday. Such a shame that it's mostly forgotten nowadays.

Recipe: Gin, chartreuse verte and a strip of lemon peel. Make as a dry martini, decorate (and spice) with the lemon peel. The drink is very sensitive to the choice of gin.

As always, use organic lemons. Alcohol is too good at extracting insecticide from citrus peel, and that's entirely the wrong kind of poison for a cocktail.


Linux on the Nokia Booklet 3G

My previous laptop (a Lifebook P7210) grew bad-tempered. Investigate or replace? Stupid question considering how much netbooks cost.

My new laptop is a Nokia Booklet 3G, a moderately expensive netbook with good battery lifetime, a 3G modem, a high-resolution screen and no fan. Ubuntu 10.10 runs well (more…)


Making Maven compile faster

jam -g is the best make system I've ever used. Best for the simple reason that when the build fails, it usually fails quickly. I start the build, and a second later I'm already looking at my mistake. That feature outweighs any and all drawbacks.

Sadly, I don't use jam very often at the moment. I mostly use maven 2, which starts the build by determining from first principles which source files to use and which libraries to download. In practice the set needed hasn't changed in the past minutes, (more…)


Software patents not all bad

So Paul Allen sues over patents and I'm sure he'll attract a lot of flak for that. But a side issue interests me particularly: The patents were originally awarded to Interval Research, a tech R&D firm founded by Allen and former Xerox executive David Liddle in 1992. The firm was folded in 2000, and the patents were later transferred to Interval Licensing. (more…)