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Deleting the wrong file

Many options are open to me. ⓐ Recovering the file from tarsnap, or ⓑ from the NAS, or maybe ⓒ I have a copy elsewhere. But if the file isn't available anywhere, what then?

I can ⓓ be polite and express my anger and sorrow in flawless prose.

I can ⓔ express myself freely, but discreetly. ██████ and █████████ the █████ ███████!

Finally, if nothing else helps, my last recourse is to ⓕ leverage the power of unicode: ℄♓♜⌘⌼⑆↺☂☊⚠雷𝀲☠⏣☡☢☣☧⍾♏♣⚑⚒⏁⚡⬌⭓𝀴🁠😒!


Video conferences are really about audio

I use Movi and Videxio a great deal for work. They're good. Says rmz: it's the first video conferencing system whose primary function isn't to suck.

The biggest problem with Movi is that it can be difficult to understand what people are saying, particularly when they're far away from the microphone(s). Most people seem to use headphones, but sometimes when we're hacking we keep the connection up for hours. Wearing headphones for hours is not for me.

So I thought, how about getting some good speakers and seeing if that helps with comprehension? And it does. I have to keep the volume low to avoid feedback problems, but I hear and understand even when the volume button is just a shade above zero.

A clear productivity benefit. Maybe one day I can stop flying so much.

The ones I got are called Genelec 6010A. Genelec is a Finnish manufacturer of studio monitors and suchlike. When I plugged the 6010As into my minimac's headphone output the result was foggy and muddy, but when I use USB and a Nuforce Icon μDAC-2 their sound quality is more than good enough for video conferences.


Email address internationalisation

EAI defines a set of RFCs to provide non-ASCII email addresses. på I looked at them with a view to implementing that in Archiveopteryx.

The good news: It's simple and sane.

The bad news: I can tell it's possible to spend a lot of time arguing about minor side issues.