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The young traveller's guide to Venice

Venice may quite possibly have the best-looking ambulances in the world.

It also has more of them than I'd expect for a city as small as Venice. Is it possible that the Italians keep a few extra to show off in front of young tourists?

When they're not racing stylishly through the city, the ambulances may be seen waiting in front of the hospital. The fireboats are stationed near the San Toma' bus stop, just a few meters from the grand canal, police boats are often to be seen near the Piazzale Roma and grey uniformed boats belonging to the Guardia di Finanza are at the eastern end of Giudecca. The navy may have some boats in the Arsenale, or not.

Cranes and other construction boats seem to be all over the city. A particularly impressive yellow monster has a dedicated quay just outside the Arsenale, and can be seen from the exhibition site's eastern garden or from San Pietro di Castello.


Two small tasks

Today I have implemented two features (or fixed two bugs, depending on viewpoint). This morning I thought they were roughly equally difficult. This afternoon I know that one took eight hours and more than 200 lines of code, the other took fifteen minutes.

I don't even seem to get better at estimation as the years go by. This is frustrating.