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Pictures of bookshelves

This post is just an array of interior photos from a high-quality architecture magazine called Dezeen. The photos below are the first ones I noticed after April 2015 that show bookshelves. There were also a few pictures that show books outside shelves. I didn't include those; this is about how bookshelves are depicted in modern architecture photos, not books.

Books and shelves might seem rare in these houses, but I don't think that reflects reality: There are even fewer TVs and laptops than books so clearly the photographers are choosy about where they point their cameras. No, what these pictures illustrate is how bookshelves are depicted in 2015.

Most of these are private homes, some are other buildings. Two are actually libraries (as is this). Each picture is a link to the relevant article on Dezeen. The top left photo is the one that made me start collecting notes.


Man is the measure of all things

Le Corbusier said so. Noone seems to understand it.

A window sill is not 1m above the floor. A window is properly located so its centre is 1.0 eyeheights above the floor and its size is 1.0 visionwidths, because man is the measure of all things. A good architect resolves these difficult units appropriately to the building.

The same applies to doors, stair steps, GUI animation times and technical writing. The reader's comprehension is the measure, not logical structure or the writer's composition ideal.