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83% PHP

Github thinks aox is 83% PHP. That is even more of an insult than its previous supposition. 60% C might have been misleading, but that error was understandable (it thought cryptlib was part of aox). 83% PHP is just insulting.

Ohloh also smokes the good stuff: Archiveopteryx is GPL'd, thank you so much.

Cryptlib in a sea of OpenSSL

Archiveopteryx uses Cryptlib. Still. It's good code, and Abhijit and I trust Peter. Almost everyone else on the planet uses OpenSSL. A few outcasts use something that shares code with OpenSSL, such as GnuTLS or SSLeay (why do these people all have a MiXEDcaps fetish?), and there's an even smaller lot that uses cryptlib, matrixssl etc.

Naturally, there are interoperability issues. There always are, […More…]