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83% PHP

Github thinks aox is 83% PHP. That is even more of an insult than its previous supposition. 60% C might have been misleading, but that error was understandable (it thought cryptlib was part of aox). 83% PHP is just insulting.

Ohloh also smokes the good stuff: Archiveopteryx is GPL'd, thank you so much.


Switching to OpenSSL

Archiveopteryx uses OpenSSL by default starting with version 3.1.3. Sadly, it runs noticeably better than with Cryptlib.

Compatibility with other TLS stacks is clearly better. (more…)


Cryptlib in a sea of OpenSSL

Archiveopteryx uses Cryptlib. Still. It's good code, and Abhijit and I trust Peter. Almost everyone else on the planet uses OpenSSL. A few outcasts use something that shares code with OpenSSL, such as GnuTLS or SSLeay (why do these people all have a MiXEDcaps fetish?), and there's an even smaller lot that uses cryptlib, matrixssl etc.

Naturally, there are interoperability issues. There always are, (more…)