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Good news

Deutsche Telekom has published a live overview of internet security. It's good news, just look at the top 5 attack types.

Here's a screenshot, in case Telekom learns that traceroute isn't a weapon and starts excluding it from the list of attack types:

I'm going to assume that 50% of what Telekom sees is innocent, ie. half the attacks on SMB protocol are fat-fingered configurations. (I know I've fat-fingered someone's port 5353 not long ago.) That leaves 13 million SMB attacks last month, 690,000 traceroute invocations, and the other kinds of attacks are less common than traceroute.

If there are fewer attacks than traceroute invocations on everything except that one notorious Microsoft target, the world can't be too badly off. Have a nice day.


The cost of large-scale surveillance

Fittingly, Germany has a federal office for protecting the democratic state against nazis and other threats to democracy. Each of the sixteen states also runs a smaller effort of its own. Some have dedicated organizations, some locate the work within a ministry, but all do something.

Because of the variety it's nontrivial to add up the cost of all this. I added up six of the biggest organizations and that came to €220 million, so I blithely estimate a total of €250-300 million.

Conveniently, there are 25-30,000 nazis in Germany (more…)


.de Domains

Ever since I moved to Munich, I've been struck by the large number of TLAs in Germany, and also by the strange subdomains.

.de has no official subdomains, so people have invented both geographical subdomains and topical subdomains. Good examples are for anyone located in Munich (,,, and so on) and for movies (, etc).

Recently I came across a complete list of .de domains, so I started counting. Which TLA is the most popular? Which German "city subdomain" has the most domains?

Popular TLAs

All the TLAs are registed. When the natural TLA is taken, people have different strategies:

Add hyphens. There are 8111 domains like

Add -web or -online to make sure that people understand that not only does the company have a domain, it's even online! (more…)