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Amazon Prime: The game

The Amazon Prime game is an odd kind of game: The players are Amazon and myself, but the winner is usually either DHL or UPS.

The rules are as follows: I order n items. Amazon sends m parcels later the same day (or on Monday if I want to play on Sunday). The aim of the game is to maximise m/n, with bonus points if the n items are similar, for example, all are books or all are CDs. (Maybe there should be bonus points for low price, such as €3.68?)

My previous best score was when I ordered a few small gadgets, and next day, the nice UPS fellow brought me two small envelopes, one containing two SDHC cards and the other a USB thingie.

Today I may have bested that. Amazon tells me that Abdelrahman Munif's Cities of salt trilogy will arrive in three parcels, each containing one volume. (Fine books, btw, judging from what I've read of the first volume.) Volumes one and two arrive tomorrow, one delivered by Hermes and one by DHL. The Hermes courier will also bring another parcel, Night ride home, which I ordered on the very same Sunday.

Update: Oops, no, Cities of salt is not a trilogy. The first volume describes itself as volume one of three, but the work eventually grew to five volumes.