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The qualities of home offices and others

I work at home, and I'm a bit frustrated with that this summer. I'm too remote, and we're not good enough at bridging that gap (half the fault is mine, to be honest). But my ex-colleague Bjørn Borud's latest blog posting makes me feel good again.

My office is suboptimal. I started with a dedicated room and have done as much with that room as I knew how to, and that's a great deal more than most companies are willing to do with their offices. Perhaps an unoptimised home office is no better than the regular kind, perhaps the main difference is that I have optimised my little realm for writing code while Bjørn's office is optimised for easy reorgs and long lines of sight. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I am not reduced to hunting for hotel lobbies where I can work semi-productively.

Said a great politician I don't quite admire: The actual policies are less important than the skill with which they are carried out. There is something to that.