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Virtualbox, AnyDVD and read errors

If AnyDVD pops up a big warning dialog about read errors (suggesting a region-free fimware from, cleaning the DVD, etc), and you're using it inside Virtualbox, then the correct solution is:

Stop the virtual machine. The Settings icon will become available. Click it and select Storage. Select the DVD drive, and a checkbox named Passthrough will appear. Enable that and close the dialog. When you restart the guest Windows, AnyDVD will be able to read discs it previously refused to touch. I've a region-2 drive and can now read the region-4 films I purchased from 2001Video in Brazil. It seems AnyDVD is suddenly a great deal faster, too.

The other effect of this change is that Windows now has full rights to your DVD drive.


Popcorn Hour A-110

The Popcorn Hour A-110 is a small silent box that can play ISOs and other movies scaled up to 1920×1080 resolution. We have one, diskless, connected to our NAS via gigabit ethernet, (more…)


DVDs the Popcorn Hour A-110 can't play

I own and like a Popcorn Hour A-110, but I don't agree with all the web pages that say it plays everything.

Below is list of things I've tried to play that cause the player to freeze. In each case I ripped the DVDs using k9copy (a straight copy, no recompression or size/quality reduction). When I try to play the resulting ISO files the player freezes, does not react to the remote control, and has to be power-cycled. (more…)

Solved: fatal error in vts css key

Most Unix DVD players, and the Popcorn Hour boxes, use libdvdcss to play DVDs and ISO images. Libdvdcss is a fine piece of software and decodes almost all DVDs.

One of the DVDs it cannot play is this version of Moulin Rouge, which uses many different CSS keys, including one libdvdcss (version 1.2.10) cannot crack: (more…)