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Thanks, Devuan

Sometimes one friend or another has computer problems. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of times these problems might have affected me but do not, because I've switched to Devuan everywhere. No more Debian, no more Ubuntu, even my minimac runs Devuan now.

Devuan, for those who do not know, is Debian with an absolute rejection of systemd. Some devuan people also dislike anything else that's new, but I don't mind that. Haters somehow always find something to hate, and at some point I seem to have learned to let them hate.

Devuan has something I like: The unix tradition of valuing simplicity over a complete feature ticklist, and it has the debian package repository. Simple, mostly good enough. Sometimes the unix tradition sucks, for example syslog and text log files aren't really good enough, but simplicity is a feature that I personally value highly.

In a few years unix will be fifty years old, and I think that at that point, devuan will be the pinnacle of unix.