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Features git… will never have?

What else I miss:

Change numbers: Perforce's mothership issues change numbers. Sequentially increasing, fairly small numbers. Six digits sometimes, but really fairly small, since only the last 3-4 digits tend to matter at any time.

I like the change numbers.They are easy to mention and use, and their ordering is convenient. Git has 6-7 hex digits and no ordering, and sometimes those 6-7 digits have to be 32.

Maybe I'm getting old: dealing with 3-4-digit ordered numbers is incomparably easier for me than 6-7-digit hexadecimal numbers.

Managing the code is easier if one host actually stores all code. Git could have provided that, e.g. if git pull would pull new hooks so the buildmaster could add new commit hooks globally. But it doesn't; git doesn't share hooks.

Branches as directories is what perforce does, and it seems to remain tidier than what git does, perhaps because directories allow more than one namespace for branches.

p4 change, which allows adding to the commit message for a particular change after the fact. Sometimes my commit messages can be a little too short, and if that happens, I often want to extend them later (and have the new, extended message be displayed when git blame shows the changed line).