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Googlebot now crawls IPv6-only sites

Googlebot started crawling v6-only web sites in August. The pages it visits still do not appear in search results.

This is only the fifth crawler to visit my v6-only site.


Two IPv6-capable web crawlers now exist

I have an IPv6-only web site. It's a draft, full of broken links and I'm not making much progress, so I thought I'd make it v6-only to limit its audience.

Googlebot still doesn't see v6-only sites, but two other web crawlers have found the site in the past month.


Trading IPv4 addresses

People keep saying blah about how IPv4 can go on even if there are no free addresses, they'll just be traded on a free market.

So. I don't think so.

Either, the blocks to be traded will primarily be large (the kind commonly routed today), or primarily be small (the kind commonly handed to end-users). I'll argue each separately. (more…)



I enable IPv4. Temporarily at least. (more…)


Probing for IPv6 support in the browser

If you can read this sentence, you have IPv6 support, either directly or via a web proxy. (Update: no, I added IPv4 access to the blog.) (more…)


IPv6 status seen from here

Bad news: Opera lost IPv6 ability in version 10.10. Opera cannot connect to this site, even if it's running on a host with IPv6 ability.

No news: The search engines still don't support IPv6. The (other) browsers still support IPv6.

Good news: Today I saw a torrent swarm with more than 20% IPv6 peers. Not a special swarm in any way: I download my old LPs whenever I play them, so I'll be able to play them in the kitchen or office too next time. It was the torrent swarm for one of them.


Crawlers able to reach this site: 0

Googlebot, msnbot and Yahoo Slurp have all seen links to rant.gulbrandsen; none of them followed the links.

On one hand, a blog which can't be indexed by the major search engines is pointless. On the other, this particular blog is really a CMS/publishing tool for my writings and ramblings about udoc and literate programming, and until I'm done with that subject, it doesn't matter much whether anyone can read the site, oops, the blog. So I'll leave it 6-only until that writing is more or less done, then reconsider the matter.


Mikrotik RouterOS, OpenVPN and IPv6

Mikrotik makes a series of small, neat routers. I have a 433UAH (with indoor case), which has a VPN tunnel to OpenVPN running on a rented server at This describes how to build an IPv4 and IPv6 VPN tunnel between a Mikrotik router with a dynamic IP address and a Linux server running OpenVPN with fixed IP addresses. (more…)