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Googlebot now crawls IPv6-only sites

Googlebot started crawling v6-only web sites in August. The pages it visits still do not appear in search results.

This is only the fifth crawler to visit my v6-only site.

Crawlers able to reach this site: 0

Googlebot, msnbot and Yahoo Slurp have all seen links to rant.gulbrandsen; none of them followed the links.

On one hand, a blog which can't be indexed by the major search engines is pointless. On the other, this particular blog is really a CMS/publishing tool for my writings and ramblings about udoc and literate programming, and until I'm done with that subject, it doesn't matter much whether anyone can read the site, oops, the blog. So I'll leave it 6-only until that writing is more or less done, then reconsider the matter.