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Too much hate for my taste

All the hate against openssl at the moment makes me sick. Yes, it was a bad bug, and yes, the API is frustrating. Still, it reminds me of an episode at, I think, Linux-Kongress in Cologne in 2002, and it is not a pleasant memory.

I wasn't wearing any badge, and hadn't been to many linux events in the eighteen months since I left Trolltech, so some people had forgotten how I look. Including one person, who talked at length about how evil Trolltech was. About 20% accurate facts, 30% lies and 50% opinion, and the opinion wasn't favourable. He also mentioned me specifically, with me standing slightly more than one meter to his side. He might not know how I looked, but he certainly could talk about my thoughts and intentions.

Haters gonna hate, I suppose, but it was deeply dispiriting all the same. I haven't been to Linux-Kongress since.