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Merging and deploying the Brexit PR

Ten more months pass, the British still… do. This is awful. (I've moaned about it before, yes.)

Experience, review, discussion and routine should all guard against mistakes, so how can such a large country as Britain carry out something quite so badly? Despite all its newspapers, the BBC, the well-established political parties and NGOs, despite the think tanks and the excellent civil service at Whitehall? I suppose I ought to feel bad for all the expats whose future health insurance status is a bit Schrödingers-cattish, for all the people who work in companies with cross-border supply chains, and so on and so forth, but I actually do feel bad that these are the same techniques we use to ensure quality in software: Experience, review, discussion and routine. And they're not working.

There's a failure here that that warrants study.

Update: On a surface level, the problem is that they're ignoring problems. A time-honoured tradition. A confident assertion that prospective customers will do so-and-so can carry a meeting, right? Even if the actual prospects don't feel obliged to behave as predicted. What worries me is that these assertions are working so well, on so many people, for so long.