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Saudi science fiction

This is what the airport in Dubai showed me on the landing page when I connected to the WLAN there:

I've never been to Dubai, the city. Does it look like that? Maybe the photo borrows a great deal from the style of old science fiction paperback covers, or maybe the city planners in Dubai really like Don Dixon's SF covers and are trying to build a future city in that style. If so, I think they should reread Crash, and maybe High-Rise by J. G. Ballard, an author of fine science fiction.

It's not just Dubai. Here are two renderings of hotels to be built in the Saudi Neom project:

Wow! More SF photos on Dezeen's article about it. I'm not sure I'd pick that as the location for my next vacation, but as a matter of well-executed genre design, wow! They should build it so it can be used as a set for action films.

As an aside, if you look very closely, you can just about see that the women on these photos have naked knees and shoulders. Saudi future or science fiction.