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Google DNS maltreats Spamhaus

I couldn't understand why so much spam got through the filters.

Yesterday and today I checked 667 addresses that have tried to send me spam in the past days. 661 of the 667 are listed by the Spamhaus Zen list right now, but Google's public DNS resolvers report that only 33-74 are listed, so Spamhaus is effectively neutered.

Google offers two IPv4 and two IPv6 addresses. All four report similar numbers, and the results have been largely stable over the past 24 hours.

A smaller RBL operator does not suffer, so I expect it's some sort of rate limiting by Google. DoS mitigation gone wrong.

VERP sucks

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Canter & Siegel: What actually happened

Canter & Siegel posted a few thousand spams (the famous green card spams), probably helped by someone with imagination and technical skill. Long and tiresome threads discussing the legality, morality and all other aspects of this resulted. Canter & Siegel then tried again on a different subject, this time without able help.

On the same evening, my friend Chris Owen posted a 300-line diatribe, rebutting something or other point by point. I clicked. I just couldn't bear to read it, and decided: It's time to stop discussing this and do something. […More…]