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Email Marketing is not spam, oh no

Blue Hornet delivers innovative email marketing solutions that combine powerful data management tools with proven lifecycle messaging techniques. Let me see.

I purchased perfume from an online retailer about five years ago (I don't remember exactly when) and had it shipped to me in India. Since then, those powerful data management tools have processed me regularly.

Blue Hornet sends me purchase offers at appropriate times? Oops, no, not before diwali or holi. Instead I get offers just before Christmas (which is not a holiday in India), and summer offers after the end of summer.

Blue Hornet manages its customers' data at all? Obviously not. After five years of not responding, I still get the garbage. I've never replied, I've never clicked on any links in the spam, and still it keeps arriving.

Blue Hornet tailors the message to the recipient? Not even the message text. There are even stupid things like guaranteed Christmas delivery in the USA even though I've never ever ordered anything to a US address.

And naturally, the way to opt out is to read the spam and follow the spammer's instructions somewhere towards the end.

Still, Blue Hornet is better than some of its competitors. The SMTP MAIL FROM address points to instead of a throwaway domain like or, I only get one copy of each spam, and that copy is in a language I understand.