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Zaha Hadid at her best

Zaha Hadid Architects is building three new metro stations in Dnipro, Ukraine's fourth-largest city. A metro station building is stairs, elevators and entrances. In my opinion the photo above is the first time that one of her sculptures really fits its purpose.

Zaha died the year the project started; I wonder whether she did any of this design herself.

A flooded bridge

This bridge isn't pointless. It's flooded. It could have been built higher, but why? During a flood it's a bridge to nowhere. It could have been built lower, but then boats wouldn't be able to pass under it. All very sensible.

And artful. Someone thought about how the bridge could look during a flood, and took the opportunity to make some art. During a flood there's something to catch the eye, and make the eye and mind pay attention in the way that is the core of art. I love that.

Animated art

People have started making art using animations on the internet, mostly on tumblr. Great. Most of what I've seen is abstract, some not. All of it is art in a new domain and such a joy. Some examples I like (note that the last one of these probably shows a nude): 1234567. Several of these are by Florian de Looij, who also makes interesting inanimate art. (Neat word!)