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Linux on a GPD P2 Max

I got a GPD P2 Max, a 20×15cm laptop with an amazingly good keyboard for its size. Compared to my Macbook, the Macbook has more keys and the P2 Max has better keys, so which is best? This is not a simple question. I'm frankly amazed that a device as small as an A5 sheet of paper can have a keyboard as good as this.

Mine runs devuan, a debian variant without systemd.

Notable points: Mine would only boot from an USB stick on the left side, and the magic spell to boot from a USB stick is Fn+7. Installation was simple enough (except that I wanted LUKS). The worst problem I had during installation was that many of the fonts were small (the smallest letters were 1.1mm).

And that's it. The rest ran well, no tweaking required. Wow. Twenty years ago I wouldn't have believed this.

I only have one front pocket large enough. Still, fitting in even one is worth a photo: