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My old custom-made Cherry keyboard

Tidying my office, chapter 17, in which beloved hardware is less beloved than a usable shelf.

I'm throwing away the keyboard Cherry made for me sometime around the middle nineties.

It has an AT keyboard plug, so I haven't been able to use it in a while, and it's worn out anyway. Still, I loved that keyboard. The soft touch and blank keycaps helped getting my wrists back in shape.

These days keyboards with blank keycaps are commonplace. I have one and there are several others being made. Fifteen years ago, Cherry fulfilled a very odd wish by making my keyboard, for free, and I know it wasn't easy to do. I remain grateful.

One of my myriad jobs at Trolltech was to make accounts for new hires. The first fifty Trolltech employees started their first working day by choosing a new password, on that keyboard, and all did it without a typo.