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Das Keyboard, ultimate silent

Nice. Very nice.

It's solid, doesn't move around on the desk, the keys feel clear without any jarring click, and I find that I type with so little force that the keys hardly touch bottom. Quite clearly the best keyboard I've ever had (I even like it bettter than my custom-made ones).

The only drawback is the cable, which is inflexible, rather thick and which tends to conflict with the papers I usually keep between the keyboard and the monitors. I would have been happier if I could have plugged the cable into the left side of the keyboard.

The version I have is called Ultimate EU Silent (note the shape of the return key). Although the model name includes the word silent, typing is quite audible.

Update: Yes, I bought it from Getdigital and yes, I can recommend the shop. Get a keycap puller along with the keyboard.

Update: After about three years I had worn out the F nubbin and at the end of the fourth, J too was smooth. Happily, WASD Keyboards sells replacement keycaps. I see WASD also makes a keyboard with completely custom keys and better cable routing than my Das... hm...