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No suing Magura

I have a new bicycle. A marvellous new bicycle. It has front and back lights that work well enough to not annoy me, a gear shift that's just as good (as well it should be) and brakes that stop me when I want to stop, even when I'm pedalling 160kg.

Why is this marvellous?

But the true wonder is the manuals. Ooh what safety! The one for the brakes is best. I quote the boldfaced part:

Before every ride, [...] make sure that the brake system does not have any damages or leaks by deactivating the lever blade, holding it and checking the hose connections, brake lever and slave cylinders for eventual leaks. Check both brake pads and rim flancs for damages and make sure that these are free of oil and/or grease. Make sure that the brake lever pressure is o.k. by pulling the lever blade and ensuring that full braking performance is achieved before the lever blade touches the handlebar. If this is not the case check your brake pads [...]. Always make sure that the brake pads fully touch the rim flanc [...]

The manufacturer ought to put it all on a single sheet of paper. It could be headlined takeoff checklist.