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More on the Samsung SCX-4828FN

I've had the 4828 for half a year, and have had several bad experiences.

I have crashed the printer twice. Once by printing the guice guide using chromium and once by printing a book-length ΤΕΧ (dvips) document, mostly text with some tables and figures.

The copier is really, really bad at copying grey-on-white or green-on-white text. Much worse than my old HP 3035 was.

Using scan-to-email (the only way to scan in my linux-based setup) is cumbersome enough that I've put off billing because it required scanning receipts. That's a disaster for me. Billing is critical.

All told, I think there's a new printer in my near future, perhaps an HP M2727nf. Billing is critical.

Update: I bought a Brother 8880. How do I get rid of the Samsung?