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The slaves elect a new master

The supervisor kills the master and then the slaves elect a new master. There. A plausible and reasonable sentence from the documentation of many distributed computer system systems, don't you agree?

But perhaps shocking to people who aren't familiar with the jargon. Is that a problem? Is the language too colourful? Or if it isn't a problem, is it in poor taste?

I've been pondering this yet again since the recent libreboot fiasco. I expect the real story of that is that Richard Stallman behaved like a prick for the hundredth time and offended Leah Rowe. A side story is that now, Leah Rowe says Stallman calls women who haven't used emacs emacs virgins. It's true, he does, but it's still wrong: He calls anyone who hasn't used emacs that, man or woman.

I suppose emacs virgin sounds different when Stallman leers at you while saying it.