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Deleting the wrong file

Many options are open to me. ⓐ Recovering the file from tarsnap, or ⓑ from the NAS, or maybe ⓒ I have a copy elsewhere. But if the file isn't available anywhere, what then?

I can ⓓ be polite and express my anger and sorrow in flawless prose.

I can ⓔ express myself freely, but discreetly. ██████ and █████████ the ████&#x2588 ███████!

Finally, if nothing else helps, my last recourse is to ⓕ leverage the power of unicode: ℄♓♜⌘⌼⑆↺☂☊⚠雷𝀲☠⏣☡☢☣☧⍾♏♣⚑⚒⏁⚡⬌⭓𝀴🁠😒!