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A set of cufflinks

Last week I had a set of cufflinks made. What luxury.

They were made out of four old Algerian coins. The silversmith (Geldschneider in Dresden) had used the outer parts of the coins to make rings, and what you see is the remaining inner parts, burnished and polished.

Note the two numbers on the coin in front: That coin was made in 1960 AD written with Latin digits, and in 1380 written with Arabic digits. If they look similar, that's because they are. The area from Morocco to Lebanon uses Arabic digits (that is, 0123). Further east they mostly use ٠١٢٣ instead of 0123, although it's mixed there as well.

Why is the epoch 580, though? EDIT: The epoch is 622AD, not 580. The coin was made 1380 lunar years after the Hijrah, or 1337/1338 solar years.